About Us

1000x this size in the next five years.

Founded in 2021, By a broke book shopper (who would't get Rs.1000 pocket money from his mom to buy the book "The flipkart story" ) with no money but truckloads of relentless passion to make online shopping affordable in Nepal.

Today, Grey House is one of the fastest growing E-retail business in Nepal with multi-crore revenue generated each year.

Nirvaya along with his wife co-founder Trishna founded 'Grey.np'. The aim was to make books and online shopping affordable to customers by eliminating the retailers and margin takers, setting up system to find lowest priced sellers both nationally & globally and supplying directly to the consumer. With this, they not only cut costs, but also delivered high quality services, supported with in house customer service team ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and top-quality control in customer experience.

With a rapidly growing business reaching out to over 50,000+ customers in first few years via a strong online business, our aim is to achieve 1000x our size in the next five years, both in terms of number of customers served and sustainable revenue achieved, and to become 1st self-made Billion-dollar company from Nepal in E-Retail industry.

Our philosophy is inspired from word:


C (Customer Obsession) :

We aim on building the greatest customer service company in the planet. With exchange and return policy of more than 30 days, close analysis of our customer insights and priotising customer satisfaction even before short term profits. Each of our team members are equipped with powers even more than the CEO himself to do what ever it takes to make customer satisfied and leave with a smile .

U (Unafraid):

We are not afraid to experiment and fight. We are unafraid of our competitors no matter how well financed they are or however big they are, we will fight to our last breaths when it comes to providing better services, prices and satisfaction to our customers.

S (Sustainability conscious)

We aim for leaving this planet better than we found it. We do so by saying no to plastic packaging and with aims to make 100% of delivery in electric vehicles by Year 2025.

T (Target):

Our ambition is to achieve 1000x our size in the next five years, both in terms of number of customers served and sustainable revenue achieved, and to become 1'st self-made Unicorn from Nepal in E-Retail industry serving international markets mainly Nepal and India.

O (Optimism):

We believe optimism is the trait that will help us build a company that last for centuries not just few decades. We should always see positive in every challenge we will face as a company and get past all hurdles and problems no matter how big they are with optimism that we will last beyond this.

M (Meaningful):

Our aim of work should always be meaningful and serve better purpose than just making money. We strive to be the best place to work for our team, the work our team does must be self-realized and not forcefully, you should quiet the next day you feel bored and fell the work you do is not meaningful.

E (Every day lower prices):

We value offering lower prices more than any other company. We have dedicated teams and systems to find the lowest prices available in the market both online and offline and both nationally and internationally so we can forward these low prices to our end customers wherever and whenever possible keeping in mind our own company's sustainability and loss avoidance.

R (Risk Taking):

We celebrate our biggest risk, and try innovation in behalf of our customers. Every year we try experimenting new technics both in terms of products delivery and expansion of our category. We also aim at achieving a high willingness to learn and improvise, and try implementing a growth orientation built into everything we do.

S (Service to the Needy):

We value service to the needy so we have set up systems in place which enable us to make donations to Orphanages and Old age homes and would continue to grow this donation in terms of numbers and amount.