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Chanakya Neeti: The Political Ethics Of Chanakya By Chittaranjan Malaviya

Chanakya Neeti: The Political Ethics Of Chanakya By Chittaranjan Malaviya

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Chanakya Neeti is a special treatise in Sanskrit literature which was written for improving human life, instilling high moral values, and giving policy education to kings.
Chanakya was the teacher and advisor of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire. He is traditionally identified as Kautilya or Vishnugupta. Chanakya was an economist, philosopher, and a jurist. He is known to have authored the Arthashastra, an ancient Indian political and economic treatise, and Chanakya Neeti, a collection of aphorisms.
Chanakya Neeti contains aphorisms which reflect ideologies developed by Chanakya. If followed in our everyday lives, the strategies are bound to bring success. Their relevance in the modern times cannot be doubted and they continue to guide people to living an orderly and ideal life.
Chanakya Neeti, also known as Kautilya Neeti, has inspired many kings in Indian history. In Sanskrit literature, among the scriptures which describe the policies, Chanakya Neeti has an important place. The formulaic style gives a good description of the topics useful to make life happy and prosperous. These sayings (policies) are so natural that they are able to reach and make an impact on the hearts of the readers and listeners.
This philosophical book is a must-read for all. It offers:
  • A collection of varied ideologies of the great Chanakya
  • Teachings through aphorisms that are fundamental and relevant even today
  • Impactful strategies to achieve consistent success
  • The pathway to enrich human life
  • An excellent collectable for gifting
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