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Pawan Chamling: Champion of Social Justice by Howard A Barnes, Jiwan Rai

Pawan Chamling: Champion of Social Justice by Howard A Barnes, Jiwan Rai

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Experience tells us that any cry for fairness is always resisted and opposed, which therefore necessitates strenuous arguments in favour of it. The responsibility of providing security for the vulnerable against societal injustice is a rigorous process. Too often, driven by an insatiable greed, the fortunate ones tend to justify their desires as ‘needs’, without being aware of the genuine needs of others. Against the backdrop of the widening gulf between the economically fortunate ‘haves’ and their unfortunate ‘have-not’ counterparts, governments in particular have the foremost responsibility to deliver social justice through effective mechanisms. Democracy has been allowed to bloom in Sikkim! Two decades ago, the economic divide in Sikkim was massive, and poverty was endemic. The SDF government under Pawan Chamling immediately initiated a series of poverty-reduction schemes and measures. Remarkable results followed. By September 2013, Sikkim had recorded the steepest fall in poverty in the whole of India. This forty-two-year old state has now become the most prosperous one in the seventy-year old Republic of India. This is nothing short of a political miracle. Through this book, the authors laud the great contributions made to the advancement of life in Sikkim made by its charismatic current leader Pawan Chamling.
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