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RISE to Success: Retrain Your Brain & Recharge Your Life - Results in 15 Minutes By Patrice Lynn

RISE to Success: Retrain Your Brain & Recharge Your Life - Results in 15 Minutes By Patrice Lynn

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RISE to Success is a revolutionary 4-step system to unleash your core power. You will learn how to rewire your brain with cutting-edge techniques in the field of neuroscience and quantum physics. Move beyond the normal life of self-imposed limitations into one that is exceptional. As you change your brain habits, you change your life.

RISE to Success unveils the simple solution anyone can use to improve what you think, see, say and feel. As you learn to be more focused, calm and positive you expand your capacity to face challenges, reach your goals, and be happy. You will take charge and live life as you choose. In RISE to Success, you’ll discover it takes just fifteen minutes to:
• Raise your energy level and self-confidence
• Overcome fear and anxiety
• Change your beliefs from lack to prosperity
• Envision a positive future

The model for success has evolved with advances in science and spirituality. In RISE to Success, Patrice Lynn - Brain Training Expert, reveals fun stories and practical examples to help you apply this powerful technology — and step into your best life now!
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