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Vedic Cosmology: Based on the Select Hymns of Rigveda and Atharveda By Parameswaran Murthiyedath

Vedic Cosmology: Based on the Select Hymns of Rigveda and Atharveda By Parameswaran Murthiyedath

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Vedic Cosmology consists of some Rgvedic and Atharvavedic hymns with English translation and comments along with many geometrical figures, identified from the Rgveda texts. Parameswaran with a Vedic family background is an engineer by profession. About seven years back he got attracted to the Vedas through the sulba sutra of Baudhayana, which deals with the geometry and construction of sacrificial altars for performing the traditional yajnas. The book is claimed to be the 'physics and cosmology of the Veda.î He resorted to philosophy and etymology for deciphering, the hidden meaning behind the hymns, scientifically (sastriyata) and he deciphered the hidden meanings behind the hymns, referring to Vedanta, Tantra and Vyakarana, but the main thrust of the contents of the book was derived from the Sulbasutra. Vedas according to him reveals the theories of creation of the universe; a universe which has a 3D spherical shape, which upon 2D convolution, would look flat, i.e., geometrically speaking. This is corroborated by the Sulbasutra, especially by that of Baudhayana. The notion as such exhibit similarities especially with modern science along with issues like those of matter, energy, gravity, space-time etc. He says that the Vedic theories, ideas, concepts and the terms appear to be more pregnant and meaningful this way than those rendered by traditional commentaries. In other words, this way it has better clarity and conclusiveness. This unconventional approach, not attending to conventional norms like those of the rs',devata, chandas, viniyoga, svara and the thematic rules of grammar, may not satisfy traditional Vedic pundits. Still, the numerical source and the numerical base often exhibited by the Vedas and brought out by him in this work should remain uncontroversial. It is this positive point that is to be emphasized and the author's intention behind it is to cover the past and provide an insight for the future, and explore the other possibilities to enrich the Vedic tradition in different ways. Indian concept of the creation of the universe is well presented in the Vedas especially in the Rgveda. The present book is a unique work in which the author tries to dig out this knowledge about Mystery of the origin of the universe from the hymns of the Rgveda. In this book, the author re-reads some of the hymns like Purusa Suktam and Nasadiya Suktam of the Rgveda to mine out valuable knowledge related to the Cosmology. He also seeks the help of Gayatri mantras and some other hymns of the Rgveda to investigate the underlying patterns of a theory of the creation of universe. In fact, he brings out the theory of the creation of the universe that occurred as a result of yajna. This book is also valuable to the Soma yajna and the Atiratra, which are still prevalent in Kerala. He also finds close relationships between the Sulba sutra and the yajna rituals which leads him to the underlying connection between mathematics and Rgveda.
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